Our Story


In 2017 we took a risk to pivot our 1-to-1 service-based wedding photography business and go all in on creating an online 1-to-many passive income community. We have now helped thousands of moms become RAINMAKERS for their family. Focused on e-commerce & digital products we encourage “buying back time” so our Rainmaker moms can run 6 & 7 figure businesses during nap time.

Kaizen Shine is our joy boy, born on Christmas eve, the best gift ever! He brings a smile to everyone's face he meets. His name Kaizen means continual change for the better, and we know he'll do just that. Having a son has taught us many things in his first year, and helped us lean into beliefs and values we already fight for together as a family.

One of those big values this year for us has been focusing on abundance instead of lack. We tend to live in a lack-focused culture, always defaulting to focus on what we don't have. For example, when you have a baby the first question everyone asks you is, "how is the LACK of sleep?"

We vowed to change our perception towards life a long time ago and when we started focusing on what we had instead of what we lacked, it was a powerful shift. No longer were we lacking sleep due to having a newborn. Rather we were gaining extra time to work together and learn to be parents, we were gaining extra conversations at 3am, and most of all gaining precious time with our new son.

When you live in an atmosphere of gratefulness, lack can't survive. It was in this season of early parenting and through repetition that this this mindset shift became our normal and the result has produced a lot of joy.

our video manifesto, created when we were just babies, but still rings true to this day!

At Rainmakers we are focused on mentoring motivated moms on how to create alternative sources of income online.

We love to help our Rainmakers get quick wins in the ecommerce space, by learning how to create their own brands, manage manufacturing, and then leverage one of the #1 largest opportunities to sell products online, Amazon FBA.

By utilizing Amazon's resources like their fulfillment centers all over the world, it allows Rainmaker families to scale their businesses to 7 Figures and beyond without scaling the amount of time they're spending away from family. 

We have a dream to encourage and empower two things in our Rainmakers. Family and finances. Deeper connections and financial freedom that enables them to step more into their WHY.

Join us on this wonderful journey into entrepreneurship and so much more!


There is NO QUESTION that the little money it took to pay for the challenge was incomparable and well worth the knowledge I gained. A whole new world of financial gain was unlocked and I had no idea I was already using it (Amazon).

I have been a stay at home mom for about 5 years, I started to worry about finances, I needed to make a change. So I took a chance on Rainmakers and I believe God answered my prayer. It’s only been less than two weeks since the challenge started and I already have a sample on the way!

I have and will continue to recommend this challenge to friends because I feel like this is the way rich people get rich and we ALL deserve a piece of that pie! Give it a try! And to think, the challenges’ aim is to gain financial wealth AND more time with your family! No doubt, go sign up now!

Stephen and Chelsea are also sweethearts and the community, to my surprise has been so welcoming, encouraging and helpful! I couldn’t of asked for more and I’m just so grateful!

Elizabeth Tepper

Happy New Year Rainmakers! Rewind - this day 2020, I made a New Year Resolution to learn how to run a successful side hustle, create a product that solves a problem, and increase additional income for my family. I reached out to Nicole Andreini in Jan 2020, and she introduced me to Stephen Diaz and Chelsey Diaz and the Rainmaker Challenge in February 2020. Fast forward to today, I’m in tears looking at how my 2020 Mission was successful beyond my expectations! My 2020 statement says my customers spent $133,517.68 on Amazon over the last 6 months because of their belief in my ideas, creations, and solutions. 2021 New Year Resolution = Build a reputable high-quality, solution-oriented, customer-focused brand worth over $1,000,000! Let’s do this! We are going to keep moving the needle every day, and believing for miracles, health, wealth, prosperity and abundance for us all. 2021 - Keep bringing the rain! #celebrationsP.S. My husband who was NOT a 2020 supporter is now a believer and my new business partner in 2021! I told him our business needs him, as is the “Builder” and I’m the “Visionary”. He’s going to read the book in the book challenge with me.

Madelyn Hansen

I recently completed the rainmaker challenge and I enjoyed every step of the way. There is something so refreshing about Stephen and Chelsey. Their incredible hearts and strong desire to help others shined so bright during this challenge. The significant amount of information I was taught on starting and maintaining a successful amazon business was hands down the best around. This information was taught at a level that was so easy to understand and absorb. In this challenge Stephen and Chelsey are providing the tools and formula for success. If you are willing to listen, learn, implement what you are being taught mixed with some focus, and hard work... Make no mistake you will have a premium formula for success. What you learn in this challenge, the individuals you meet, and the overall experience are immeasurably valuable. Mamas, wifes, husbands, families, everyday people like you and me are in this community. They are here to lift you up, encourage you, and share their knowledge. If you are looking for an abundance of knowledge, and a journey to passive income STOP NOW and SIGN UP. You will not be disappointed. I am a wife, a mommy, and a nurse and this challenge was life changing. I am so grateful for the opportunities this challenge created. Thank you Stephen, Chelsey, and the rainmaker community. You guys are my people!

Keshia Slightom