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  • How to Live Abundantly While Spending Less

    Creating a life of abundance can be a matter of mindset, and mindset can be changed. Here’s how we did (and what you can do too) to shift our mindset and live abundantly while making better purchase decisions and spending less while living an abundant life.
  • From Broke to Millionaire - An Entrepreneurial Success Story

    The first few steps of your entrepreneurial journey are always the most difficult. When you’re flat broke and trying to get things off the ground, it’s easy to feel helpless and paralyzed. Once you can overcome this hurdle, however, it’s only a matter of time before you go from being flat broke to sitting on a cool million dollars. 
  • Trimming for Growth: How to Avoid the Dangers of Temptation

    As a small business owner, you may face pressure to be a people pleaser. 

    Have you noticed your mental health taking second priority?

    Are you feeling stretched thin?

    Have you been afraid of saying no?

    If you're exhibiting people-pleasing behavior and wasting mental energy, it's time to make a change.

  • Wisdom From an Inner Circle Mastermind

    Our Rainmaker families know that we’re always looking for the next best thing. Our goal as Rainmakers is to build wealth for our family without sacrificing precious family time, so we’re always hunting for opportunities to push into abundance! 
  • 15 Must-Read Books to Become a 7-Figure Entrepreneur

    When you’re trying to make it in the business world, knowledge is everything, and there’s no better way to get your hands on that knowledge than by reading. Sure, the whole “leaders are readers” schtick is done to death, but that’s because it works! 
  • The Power of Gratitude in Entrepreneurship

    When you’re a business owner, you often find yourself crunched for time. There aren’t enough minutes in the day to do everything, but that doesn’t mean that you can ignore the positive things in your life. You have the chance to run your own business and lead a group of like-minded people. You have the ability to be an influential force in people’s lives.
  • How To Overcome Resistance

    Sometimes, no matter how well you plan or how hard you work, life gets challenging. When things get hard, we know from our own experiences that a breakthrough is right around the corner… but that doesn’t help fix things in the now. Sometimes when we’re doing the hard work and learning the lessons that we need to succeed, we find ourselves in an emotional minefield.
  • How To Take Time Off as a Mom & Business Owner

    It’s hard enough being a mom. You’ve got all of that mom guilt to deal with, and you never have a real day off! If you’re a small business owner on top of that, then you’re doubling or even tripling your stress. Forcing yourself to work constantly without a break is absolutely terrible for you, and you need to take time off. It’s important for your mental health, and it will refresh you physically.
  • Setting Goals for Success: The Power of Envisioning your Future

    As part of our ongoing effort to make sure that our Rainmaker Family is on the road to success and generational wealth, we’ve taken time to chat with Madelyn Hansen. With her help, we’ve compiled a handy guide for how you can best set and achieve your life goals.

    Join us as we discuss why goal setting is important for success!

  • Procrastination Styles Explained

    People procrastinate. That’s a fact of life! At some point, everyone will engage in some form of procrastination. Whether you simply don’t want to do a task or are avoiding it, the bottom line is that you aren’t working, and that’s a huge problem for any aspiring small business owner.

    That’s why we sat down with Courtney Wolf to talk about how to overcome procrastination. She’s studied how everyone struggles with procrastination, and she’s found that there are four types of procrastination. Each procrastination style is different, and knowing which one you fall into is a huge step toward improving your ability to work under pressure.

  • How To Overcome Your Past and Begin Thriving as an Entrepreneur

    When you look back on your past, how do you feel? Do you worry that people will judge you for things done long ago? Are you worried about how to overcome your past mistakes, or how to overcome the fear of failure and rejection? 

    Thinking about overcoming your past can feel isolating, but the truth is that you are not alone. Everyone has done things that they regret, but that shouldn’t stop you from doing things like starting a business and taking control of your life. 

  • How to Overcome Struggles & Allow Yourself to Shine as an Entrepreneur

    On our journey to generational wealth, we’ll often face obstacles. These moments of hardship are what define our lives and shape who we are as a person. To be the best entrepreneur, you need to rise to the challenge and conquer your fears.

    With the help of Sebastian and Jesse Mencia, we’re going to teach you how to beat your beasts and rise above the struggle.