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What our Clients say

I have to share. I was crying today...

Tears of joy streaming down my face as I see the updated amount of $10,700 on my first Amazon paycheck coming my way. I’m so grateful! 👏☔️🙏

This will be the largest paycheck of my life. 🙌 I’m so grateful for Rainmakers. This is only the beginning!

Rainmaker Madelyn H.

Here is what can happen in a year! 👇

My first product launched Oct 2019...just over a week ago I launched a second product in the same niche and this is my gross sales in a week! $1283 today so far, $10,060 in the last 7 days.

$10k per week people!!! 🤯🤯🤯

Rainmaker Helen G.

I have been able to step away from my my full-time corporate job through the combination of my Amazon FBA business that I started coming out of The Rainmaker Challenge and some other revenue streams that I have going as well.

I have been able to step into full-time entrepreneurship.

Wes W.